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Let’s Split Up! – Pdfspl

Had enough of huge PDF files? Don’t even know what’s in which file anymore? Loading takes forever and more? Ye, I know this feeling…however, I was lucky to stumble across a special website made exactly to remedy all of the above problems: https://www.pdfspl.com/!

This is a super-easy site to use, just drag and drop (or browse it) the PDF file you wish to split up, press the “SPLIT” button and voila! One less problem. You can also set the number of pages inside splitted files. If you have trouble, check out the description below the buttons, but I doubt you’ll have any.

…wait, you want to MERGE, not split? Good news: you can find the merging version of the site at the “Merge” section, also a lot of other web tools in the “Other tools” section. All of them of the same design, easy and simple!

Sneak peek:

If you also approve of this site, don’t spare your PDF files anymore! We’ve got a lot of work to do!