(U)niversally (R)elatable (L)ament – URL Decode

Having trouble with URL decoding (or “Percent-decoding”)? Can’t find a site dedicated to it? Especially one that is easy to use? No need to look further, what you are looking for is: https://www.urldecoder.org/.

It works exactly the same way as its sister-site (https://www.urlencoder.org/), only that this one decodes the URL, but uses the same simple design, which makes it easy to handle for every user. There are also full-fledged details for almost everything, but the site is simple enough so it should be easy going.

Just 2 textboxes and 3 buttons, use the latter to upload files, or for instant results, turn on the Live Mode. There’s also a whole list of URL chars used when encoding/decoding, if you’re not sure which char becomes what.

Like the others, you may find other tools and sites for different things. They all use the same pattern, as shown in the picture below.

Here’s the real deal:

(Click to enlarge)

I also use this site…why shouldn’t you?

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